Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Traverse City Pride

People who live in Traverse City really love living in Traverse City. In fact, people who live in Michigan really  love living in Michigan. Not just in a "I live in a great place! We have a beach nearby and a lot of cute shops- it's lovely!" kind of way...more of a scream it from the mountain tops kind of way.

And I think that is just awesome.

Living in one really showed off their hometown. Naturally there were University of Florida and Florida State University shirts everywhere, but other than those and the occasional Disney World shirt...there were no other displays of State Pride.

After living in Traverse City for a little over seven months, I've noticed that Michiganders are proud of where they live. They display their Michigan love on their shirts, their hats, their cars...the list is never ending. Living in a state where the residents are absolutely infatuated with their place of living is so uplifting! It makes me even happier to have moved here when I realize that so many people want to represent Michigan.

Traverse City is an excellent example of this State/City declaration of love. There are literally stores selling "TC Love" shirts...and they're thriving! Where as in Florida, tourists were the only ones to purchase these types of shirts, Traverse City residents want them in every color. It's a change, but it's a wonderful one.

If you've lived in Traverse City for a while, you may not even notice the public displays of affection that the residents show for their city. However, if you spent an hour people-watching on Front Street, I'm betting you would notice a lot of Michigan and Traverse City love represented on what people are wearing.

I'm also betting that, like it does me, it will make you feel even more glad that you live somewhere to be proud of!

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  1. I do notice a lot of public displays of affection, and I think they should be banned... damn kids