Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear Graduate...

Dear graduates,

I hope you had a wonderful summer! I'm sure your post-grad summer life was just the best- no school work or exams to worry about, plenty of time to see your friends and hit up the beach, etc. However, now it is fall...and reality is setting in.

You need to find a career. You need to settle down in a city where you will actually have an opportunity to grow in your career path, but also where you can be among like-minded younger individuals. You are ready to leave your college-lifestyle behind, but still want to move somewhere that has a variety of culture and delicious (but still affordable) meals. You need somewhere near the beach, near a decent mall, and with housing options available at a decent price.

Well, let me explain something to you: I understand. I've been in your shoes...I just found my way a little sooner than most. I too was worried that I would end up living somewhere that could not offer me a chance to grow in my career path (or a career path that I enjoyed at all). I had no idea how to find housing anywhere that didn't offer a plethora of apartments or whether or not I would meet people my age who were, like me, working to achieve there goals.

Then I ended up in Traverse City. From one graduate to another, this is where you want to be. You may be saying to yourself "What?! Traverse City? A small city in Northern way. I want to go to Chicago or somewhere that will actually have career options."

Well graduate, Traverse City is thriving. There are so many different career paths available and an abundance of things to do, delicious (and yes...even affordable) meals to enjoy, nightlife, beaches, ski resorts and wineries...and it is all constantly improving and growing. Every day I hear about a new event space opening or a restaurant or microbrewery headed my way. Not only that, we have jobs available for you. Not just jobs that pay the bills...a whole variety of job options that actually represent the career choice you're interested in.

Do me a favor. Take the time to head over to the Traverse City Chamber website. Check out the Job Portal. Shoot- even ask me some questions! I would be more than happy to provide answers to your questions or address your concerns. Just know that Traverse City is a wonderful place to head to after graduation.

You won't regret it. Believe me- I sure didn't.


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