Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ladies' Night Holiday Shopping: YP Kelsey Lauer Goes Out on the Town

Downtown Traverse City knows how to celebrate the holidays, and Ladies' Night Holiday Shopping is no exception. I was lucky enough to spend several hours roaming downtown last Thursday with several friends in a chocolate-and-good-wine-fueled shopping frenzy—although it involved more window shopping than not. 

We started the evening with a free massage and complimentary beverages at the Bank of Northern Michigan. After relaxing for a bit, we headed out to check out the shopping at The Exchange Boutique and Salon. The scarves were particularly interesting. 

Next, we went next door to Pavlova Salon, where we joined numerous other ladies in indulging in a glass of L. Mawby’s Sex and some delectable chocolate truffles. Thus fueled by chocolate, we hit up Boyne Country Sports, admired some of their skis and then moved across the street to Brilliant Books, where I picked up New York Times bestseller “And When She was Good” by Laura Lippman. (Side note: it’s a really good read!).  

Next, we visited Great Lakes Bath and Body, which was the best-smelling store of the entire evening. If you need candles, soap, lotion or a scrub, their selection is highly varied and almost sure to offer something that’s to your liking. 

We had fun trying on sunglasses at the Sunglass Shoppe, which was also kind enough to offer some good snacks. Definitely check them out if you’re in need of eyewear—they have both fashion and high performance options. 

Another highlight of the evening was Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars—possibly the most-packed store of the evening. After navigating through the crowd of people, we arrived at the beverage cart, where I sampled peach balsamic vinegar mixed with a sparkling beverage—surprisingly tasty! Although I didn’t purchase anything this time, I’d highly recommend Fustini’s 18-Year-Old Traditional Balsamic Vinegar; it pairs well with almost any food item. 

Also worth a visit is My Secret Stash on Cass Street, which is a little off the beaten path but features a beautiful selection of jewelry, art, housewares and more, all made by Michigan artists. I was too busy admiring everything to take pictures, but I did most of my shopping damage here and don’t regret a penny of it!  

These were just some of the highlights, but we visited a circuit of nearly a dozen different merchants (some of which are mentioned above) that made us eligible for a drawing at the end of the evening. Giveaways included a $400 downtown gift card, a $200 downtown gift card and a wide variety of prizes from sponsors. None of us were lucky enough to win, but we still appreciated the chance, and congratulations to the lucky recipients! 

Men’s Night is tonight and, from what I hear, is every bit as fun as Ladies Night, so head down and check it out!   

Thursday, December 4, 2014

YP Playlist: Short Days & Long Nights

By Emily Petrovich of NewEra Social Marketing

Winter is coming. Actually, it feels like winter is already here.

The days are shorter with a noticeable lack of sunshine… the nights are longer and increasingly colder. There must be some correlation between these seasonal factors and a dramatic increase in our proclamation that we will not go into “hibernation mode” (while actually experiencing a decrease in willpower and motivation.) We tend to gradually allow ourselves extra holiday treats while gazing woefully out our windows at the gray skies, swearing we will lace up our running shoes or hit the gym at some point tomorrow, despite the appeal of our warm homes with comfy couches and cozy blankets. Bonus points (and even more of a challenge to resist) if there’s a fireplace. Must. Not. Hibernate!

Okay, okay – not all of us go right into hibernation mode at the first sign of snowflakes. The Traverse City area offers so many wonderful opportunities to stay active during the winter months, indoors and out. But it can be tough to keep your energy up if you typically arrive to work at or around first light and leave when it’s completely dark. We feel you, friends. We’re here for you. That’s why we’ve combined TCYP forces to create a musical snack mix for your listening pleasure, sure to keep your spirits up all winter season long!

Our first playlist features favorites from several of our YP’s – songs that energize, motivate, and inspire us. The overall flow starts by pumping you up and finishes by gradually bringing things back down – perfect for a winter work day.

Check out our Short Days & Long Nights playlist on Spotify.


 Are there any songs you would add? Let us know in the comments!