Thursday, December 4, 2014

YP Playlist: Short Days & Long Nights

By Emily Petrovich of NewEra Social Marketing

Winter is coming. Actually, it feels like winter is already here.

The days are shorter with a noticeable lack of sunshine… the nights are longer and increasingly colder. There must be some correlation between these seasonal factors and a dramatic increase in our proclamation that we will not go into “hibernation mode” (while actually experiencing a decrease in willpower and motivation.) We tend to gradually allow ourselves extra holiday treats while gazing woefully out our windows at the gray skies, swearing we will lace up our running shoes or hit the gym at some point tomorrow, despite the appeal of our warm homes with comfy couches and cozy blankets. Bonus points (and even more of a challenge to resist) if there’s a fireplace. Must. Not. Hibernate!

Okay, okay – not all of us go right into hibernation mode at the first sign of snowflakes. The Traverse City area offers so many wonderful opportunities to stay active during the winter months, indoors and out. But it can be tough to keep your energy up if you typically arrive to work at or around first light and leave when it’s completely dark. We feel you, friends. We’re here for you. That’s why we’ve combined TCYP forces to create a musical snack mix for your listening pleasure, sure to keep your spirits up all winter season long!

Our first playlist features favorites from several of our YP’s – songs that energize, motivate, and inspire us. The overall flow starts by pumping you up and finishes by gradually bringing things back down – perfect for a winter work day.

Check out our Short Days & Long Nights playlist on Spotify.


 Are there any songs you would add? Let us know in the comments!

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