Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help to Maintain those Resolutions with Lunch & Learn!

If you're like me, your New Year's resolution may have something to do with keeping healthy, staying fit, or just trying to get in the best shape ever (Sidenote: these have been my resolutions for the past five-ten years. However, my Birthday is January 5th, so hopes of strictly dieting are ruined every year by temptation via Birthday cake).

But! Fear not -- our first Traverse City Young Professionals Lunch & Learn can help you to keep up your healthy habits and get into the best shape of your life. Seriously.

On February 20th at the Country Club from 11:30am-1:00pm, we will be having our first Lunch & Learn of 2013. In addition to the wonderful (and well-rounded!) meal that will be offered, we will also have some excellent presenters to give you tips and tricks to staking in shape.  

Some of our presenters are as follows:

Sebastian from Formative Fitness will be speaking about baby steps to get moving or how to set a plan.
Yen Yoga and Fitness will also be in attendance speaking about yoga and general health.

So, keep those resolutions in tact and sign up join us on February 20th for some Lunching and Learning.

I intend on learning a few ways to step up my gym-game and eat a little healthier along the way (I even purchased frozen yogurt instead of ice cream in preparation...just one example of the baby steps that may possibly be discussed.)

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