Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside.

It's snowing.

It's snowing a lot.

A small part of my Florida-girl self dies inside with every single flake that falls from the sky, but for the most part, I feel a little bit more confident and independent with each flurry.

Why? To answer that, I will refer back to last "winter" know, the one where the lowest temperature was around 20 degrees (and that was what? Maybe once?). Where my idea of "a ton of snow" was around an inch or two, which would immediately melt the next day because the temperature would shoot back up to mid-forties. Well, to me that winter was intense. It was terrifying. I was freezing.

Not only that, but everyone laughed at me when I complained about the cold and told me that I was in for "a real shock" when I experienced my first winter...which is happening. Right now.

Winter is here and I am surviving. Heck, I'm doing better than surviving. I'm double-layering and getting use out of my multi-colored gloves and hats. My knee-length down coat is now a staple in my wardrobe. I give myself five extra minutes in the morning to brush snow off my car. Am I cold? Absolutely. Am I surviving and embracing these winter winds by strapping on my snow-boots and making my way outdoors? You bet I am.

So, this week's blog post is a reminder to embrace the "young" in young professional and engage in some outdoor winter activities. Rent some snowshoes and hike the dunes. Make a snowman or at least start a snowball fight -- this is prime packing snow right now (or so I've heard...I'm still not exactly a snow-expert). Take your kids/friends/significant other on a sledding date. Hit up the slopes and go snowboarding (they're open after have no excuse!).

If this Florida girl can make her way outdoors and come back unscathed(other than some extremely rosy cheeks. Who needs blush, right?), so can you!

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  1. Hey if you haven't landed your car in a ditch by now, you're doing alright! Also, don't forget to have looooots of soup and hot chocolate to make it through these MI winters.