Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TCYPs are Taking Initiatives

The Traverse City Young Professionals are implementing some new programs to recruit, retain, and help new young professionals to become well-adjusted and familiar with the Traverse City community. Moving to a new area, especially right out of college, can be frightening. That's why we're trying to make the readjustment process a bit easier and far less threatening.

A few of the groups that we have formed are as follows (there are many more details involved, but for the sake of giving you a good general idea of what our YPs are involved with, I've kept it simple):

College Alumni Group: This group's purpose is to act as a resource for college graduates looking to tap into Traverse City. They will set out to attract college students at college trade shows and other opportunities. Traverse City is a wonderful place for college graduates (I would know) and we need to keep 'em coming!

R & R Group: This group is all about helping to recruit new YPs and show them all the reasons that they should stay. The Chamber fields inquiries to the R & R group, which connects the newcomer with a YP who represents the job area they're interested in pursuing. For instance, if I was part of this group and there was a newcomer who was interested in event planning, TCYP would send that person my way so that I could help out. The R & R group will be there to meet with the incoming YP, connect them with other people in their industry, show them around the area, assist with finding them an apartment...the list goes on and on. They are the ultimate host.

Wingman Group: Helping new YPs to get involved and network in the Traverse City community is what this group's main goals are. The Wingman group will meet new YPs at the door of whatever networking event they're attending and make sure to introduce them to a plethora of Traverse City locals. This group will also be present at each and every Business After Hours event.

Marketing Committee: While the marketing committee is by no means brand new, we are always on the hunt for fellow YPs to join up and assist in the management of the website and blog. Contact Lindsey Dickinson at for more information.

Well, that's a pretty good sneak peak into our new committees and focus. For more information, make sure to attend the TCYP meetings (3rd Thursday of each month. 8am at The Chamber).

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