Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New TCYP Blogger - John Stocki

Hey there folks,

As you may have heard/read, I am lucky enough to be one of the new bloggers for the Traverse City Young Professionals along with Mo Stych (Sweet name btw). So for the next year or so, you’ll be able to listen to my ramblings and general non-sense about all the cool things to do in Traverse City.

A little about myself to start though… 27/M/Traverse City (AOL throwback lingo). I’ve been living & working overseas since graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2007, including Australia (1 year), United Arab Emirates (3 years), and China (1 year). I decided to move back to the US to be closer to family and friends, and to have a better work/life balance. I grew up in a small town around an hour south of TC, (Brethren) and am very happy to have the time to enjoy all the amazing activities that TC and the surrounding areas provide. I really enjoy hunting and fishing, yet appreciate good wine and cheeses just as much. Cooking & entertaining is a big passion of mine and love making a big mess in my kitchen. I also enjoy exploring all of the different and equally amazing restaurants we have in this area (a true foodie destination). I’m an avid photographer and really am happy when I’m behind the camera and get that really great shot. One day, I hope to take photography further into the professional realm, but we’ll see how that goes.

During the day I’m the Digital Marketing Specialist at the Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau (mouthful, I know). At night, I also own my own marketing consulting company and also design e-learning programs. Other than that, I try to be outside as much as possible and enjoy as many activities as I can during each and every season!

So now for some cool stuff, check out some photos of me doing random things.

You want to be a guest blogger and share more cool things about Traverse City you say? I do declare (in the voice of an old southern man) that we should chat about this. I don’t really want to write every single blog post, because that would just be boring. So the more the merrier. Email and we’ll figure it out! Great. Super. Awesome. Fantastic.

Did do like this blog post? If so, you should click share and all that stuff. Let’s show everyone how sweet TC is and get some more amazingly talented people to come here!

Stay tuned for Mo's intro blog post real soon!

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