Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winters are simply better in TC

Guess what I would have been doing if I was still in Florida right now? I most likely would be either:

a.) Doing the same exact things I do during summer (run, lay on the beach, complain about how hot it is all the time)
b.) Shivering and cursing any temperature below 50 degrees -- 60 degrees is a cause to whip out the "winter coats"
c.) Wishing it was snowing
d.) Complaining that it isn't snowing

Meanwhile, in Traverse City, I am getting to experience outdoor activities that are not the exact same all year round. Yes, tropic temperatures may be great...but when you do not get the chance to get outdoors and throw on snowshoes, hop over the the local outdoor shop and rent some cross country skis, build snowmen (sandmen just are not the same...nor are sandcastles. There is always that one rude individual who feels the need to stomp them down. Always.), throw snowballs with your family and friends (again...sand balls are definitely not the same)..."winter" gets real old real fast.

Traverse City's winter may seem to go on a bit long sometimes, but I personally am glad that we actually have snow and are able to engage in fun outdoor activities. Sure, it's a pain to shovel and not the most fun to drive in, but at least we are not cursed to frigid temperatures with no snow at all. Places who experience that kind of winter are subjected to weekends spent indoors wishing it was warmer outside.

Plus, we get to have winter festivals and go ice skating and are able to tell all of our out of town friends that "Yes, it really is still snowing." or "Eh...probably another 6-12 inches, no big deal." The benefits are endless!

So, I've said it once and I'll say it again: enjoy your Traverse City winter. It won't be around for a whole lot longer (or shoot, maybe it never really know!).

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