Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Overview of the TCYP Annual Conference

Yesterday was the Traverse City Young Professionals Annual Conference (if you're friends with me on Facebook you already know this. I may or may not have been casually mentioning it for the past month or so) and it was quite the event.

Everyone in attendance left the event feeling like they had gained a ton of knowledge, tips and tricks from all of the speakers they experienced.

The day started out with Keynote Speaker, Organized Audrey. Audrey was not only a joy to chat with, she gave a presentation that I'm pretty positive inspired everyone in the room to live a much more organized life. Her audience was engaged the entire time- seriously...someone had to take a bathroom break and literally sprinted back into the room so they wouldn't miss too much of her speech...she was that great.

When Audrey's presentation concluded, we had a round table session with a wide variety of topics. When I say wide variety...I mean a wiiiiide variety. We had Round Table topics that spanned from "What is Rotary" to "Vegan and Vegetarian Living" all the way to "How to Exercise at Your Desk." All of our speakers came prepared with goodies for attendees and all the knowledge a person could want about the subject being presented. I also want to let everyone reading this blog know that yes, you can work out your triceps while at work.

The Lunch Panel speakers were not only an impressive and influential bunch, they also had great advice and interesting things to say. The topic of the panel was "Things I wish I knew when I was 24," so the audience of YPs was absolutely kept engaged.

The afternoon breakout sessions were a hit- speed networking even had to turn YPs away first session because it reached max capacity! All of the other breakout speakers were extremely well received and from the feedback I've received thus far, all of the YPs were very happy with the presentations and were kept engaged the entire hour they were in attendance. The speakers I spoke to said that all of the YPs had excellent questions and were a fantastic audience- way to represent Traverse City, YPs!

The conference was followed by a reception in Aerie Lounge, which was a hit (but when is Aerie Lounge not a wonderful time? You really cannot go wrong!).

All in all, this year's conference was very well-received! Thank you to everyone who attended and we cannot wait to see you at the YP events coming up early next year and at the 2013 conference!

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