Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Outlook on Traverse City

Well, I've been a Traverse City resident for a little over nine months now. I know what you're thinking, "wow, she's probably a pro on everything and anything Traverse City!!!" Surprisingly (is my sarcasm palpable yet?) - that is a false statement. 
I credit majority of things that I know about Traverse City to a combination of having Allison Beers as my boss and mentor and also to my curious nature and attraction to new experiences (hence my moving across the country to pursue my dreams).
I also have accepted that not only do I still have a lot to learn about all things Traverse City, but that this town is constantly changing. I'm convinced that once I think I know a lot about the happenings of the area, there will be at least twenty things that have changed or are being created. Reasons like this are why I believe that events such as the Chamber Expo and the Chamber Economic Outlook Breakfast are so important.
They're also coming up soon- and both on the same day! What are these events, you ask? 
The Chamber Economic Outlook Breakfast serves to help the Traverse City community forecast the emerging business climate. There will be a question-and-answer section, highlighting of current and future trends and wisdom and insight on all of the issues currently affecting the economy.
I've been told that this event sells out every single year and also that the breakfast served is absolutely delicious. Find out more right here!
Directly following the Economic Outlook Breakfast is the Chamber Business Expo (same location, convenient timing- as an event planner, I applaud this arrangement). The Chamber Business Expo is essentially a trade show, but instead of highlighting just one industry, it showcases businesses from all over the Traverse City community. It also gives community members a chance to network and learn about new products and businesses first hand. 
Oh, and there is also a prize giveaway...and if I know the Traverse City area like I think I do, the prizes will be nothing short of top-notch. Find out more right here!

Keep the outlook on Traverse City's future positive...I foresee nothing but great things happening!

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