Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Traverse City Summer.

Summer has always been my favorite season...even in 100 degree Florida heat. Something about soaking up the sun and embracing the warmth just ensures that I will be in a completely wonderful mood for the rest of the day. That being said, one of the main things I was certain that I would miss was Florida summers- beach days, Happy Hour on an outdoor patio, grilled fish tacos and fantastic sunset get the picture.

However, Traverse City has proved to me that Florida summers are not the best summers...bold statement, I know.

I am now convinced that Traverse City summers are beyond anything I could have asked for. Even when I'm at the office working during summer days, being able to look outside at the gorgeous summer skies and busy Front Street foot traffic just puts a smile on my face and makes my productivity skyrocket. Sunny days (especially ones with no humidity and highs that are 10 degrees lower than the Florida average) simply just offer me the same energy as an extra shot of espresso would. It's the perfect  pick-me-up and Traverse City offers the perfect package of summer.

What exactly do I absolutely adore about Traverse City that Florida cannot offer? You're so lucky- I'm going to tell you right now! 

Traverse City offers me a phenomenally sunny and scenic view on my walk to work. Traverse City allows me to walk to a beach with stunning views of the peninsula and an even better view of the sunset. In regards to the sunset, Traverse city sunsets occur around 9pm instead of Florida's 7pm time, leaving me at least four hours everyday after work to enjoy the daylight and realize that the area I now call home is simply wonderful.

Traverse City also offers me a 6:00am sunrise to wake up to and start my day, which honestly sets the tone of positivity each and every morning. 

What I'm getting at is...Traverse City summer has won my heart and I personally think that is a huge step in the direction of accepting that while Florida will always be where I grew up, there are not many places that can rival working in a place as beautiful and uplifting as Traverse City.

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