Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lunching and Learning with TCYP

Lunchtime was always my favorite time of the day during my school years. It was the best time to catch up with friends, exchange stories and information and even learn new things that you didn't get the chance to learn while in class or at work.

Well, now that my school days are over, my daily scheduled lunch times are a thing of the past... which is why the Traverse City Young Professionals Lunch & Learns are some of my favorite YP Events to attend. If you've never been to one, you're truly missing out.

Lunch & Learns have allowed me to catch up on important issues in the area, listen to influential and knowledgeable business and community leaders, and even meet candidates for upcoming races. Without Lunch & Learns, I would be far more out of the loop with the happenings of the Traverse City area. They really have allowed me to learn about so many different aspects and have given me faces to put to important and well-known names.

Lunch & Learns are also my absolute favorite networking opportunity. Everyone who attends a Lunch & Learn is doing it willingly and is exciting to be there. Having the chance to sit down for a meal with my peers and talk about current issues, our jobs, or simply just how our day is going has not only helped with my friend-making-abilities, but has also fulfilled the void that was left by my lack of school lunch time socialization.

Plus, each Lunch and Learn gives the attendees an opportunity to donate to a different cause each month. So not only are we getting the chance to learn, network and socialize- we get to reach out to the community that is giving us all of the opportunities to do so.

Not only that...the food is always exceptional. has yet to even slightly disappoint me. Kudos to you for your outstanding meals, Traverse City Golf and Country Club. I may have taken an extra cookie once (or twice, but who's counting?).

My point is, being a Young Professional in Traverse City also brings about some wonderful opportunities like Lunch & Learns. I would love to see you at the next one (and you can sign up right here!)...I'll even share my extra cookie.

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