Friday, April 11, 2014

YP Social Event - Low Bar

Last night, we had our first YP social event of the year at a new place in town, called Low Bar. It is underneath the Seven Monks Tap Room (a tried-and-true favorite locale of mine). I was really excited to see what Low Bar had was all about, since I'm a HUGE fan of Seven Monks

Low Bar has a whole different vibe to it than any other place I've seen in TC. For one, it is DARK down there...but it's a dark in a cool way. Like, secret-underground-hangout-with-the-best-booze-in-town kind of dark. In a way, it's totally appropriate because it is inspired by the Prohibition Era. Low Bar prides itself on being a high-end spirits and specialty concoctions destination, and they set the mood right. Heck, even the staff gets into character and dress up fancy to make it feel like every drink you order is the best drink you'll find in town (and it very well may be). 

There was a great YP turnout, too! I saw a lot of familiar faces but also some new faces, which is always nice for mingling. Low Bar is a small place, perfect for an event like this where YPs stroll around and chat with each other. You're bound to bump elbows with someone you haven't met yet, and I like that. People stuck around for a few hours, and I've no doubt that it's because they were drinking good drinks, in a good place, with good company.

Thanks to all the YPs who made it out last night! 

Remember, today is our Roundtable Discussion with Governor Snyder. Stay tuned to our Facebook page starting at 3:00 for live, up-to-the-minute updates from this incredible event and conversation! I'll post a recap about the event early next week, so if you miss the Facebook feed, there will still be plenty to share here on the blog. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

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