Tuesday, November 26, 2013

YP Survey Results Are In!

Recently, the Traverse City Young Professionals hosted a survey about living, working and the future of Traverse City. After tallying the results from the 94 respondents, we've created a nice little infograph that makes it easy for everyone to read and understand the results. I'll summarize a few of the notable points below too.

A few facts that were interesting to me was that more of the respondents were NOT Traverse City natives and the largest age segment of respondents was between the age of 25-30. I think that this is a reflection of how many local organizations and companies are putting a larger emphasis on recruiting and retaining young talent to Traverse City, and I hope that the trend continues.

With no surprise, natural beauty and local food/wine/beer took the top two spots on unique assets to TC, which i completely agree. Especially Georgina's. If you haven't been there. Stop what you're doing and go. No questions. Go.

Also, tied for first place in the things TC should focus on in the next 5/10 years was the ability to turn the East Front Street alley into a river walk and increase the amount of outdoor seating. This past summer, the City completed a renovation of Clinch Park, which did offer a brand spanking new public space and some outdoor seating, but I personally would have hoped for a little more seating :)

Keeping waterfront/bay views open as well as recruiting young talent with affordable housing came in 1 & 2 as ways to preserves TC's competitive advantage, followed by retrofitting existing buildings for reuse, such as the TC Commons and encouraging local/unique businesses, not chains.

So what do you think? Accurate? Not so much?

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John Stocki

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