Thursday, May 9, 2013

Short's Brewery

Hey folks, Mo here! Recently, we rang in a friend's birthday by making our way out to Short's Brewing in a giant van stuffed full of 15 people (designated driving courtesy of the birthday boy's dad).

This was a real treat for all of us, since Short's is located in Bellaire--about an hour northeast of Traverse City--and was one of the first microbreweries that made northern Michigan its home in 2004 before the fad took off up here. They really paved the way for a successful brewery business model, and they set the bar high.

Shorts has made their mark, and they are a very popular microbrew up here for all the right reasons They make some of the best beer around (some of the names just make me want to try them!) and they have a wide variety suitable for all different types of people. I'm not a huge beer fan, but I cherish every sip of their Soft Parade.

Like any bar on a Friday night, Short's was busy and bustling! It was comfortable inside, which was perfect for getting out of the rainy evening, and dinner was being served everywhere I turned. Of course we had to try one of their fantastic sandwiches. YUM.

I loved the atmosphere at Short's. It was only my second time visiting their original location, but it is such a sincere, genuine, and heartfelt place that it felt like home. Everyone was having a good time, excited for the weekend and enjoying the last few weeks we'll have as locals before tourist season begins.

We were reminded quickly about the wonderful potency of Short's brews, and next thing we knew we were dancing and singing along with the fantastic band Shady Hill, who provided us with the entertainment for the evening (though by the end of the night, I'd say we were providing a fair share of the entertainment ourselves).

Long story about Short's, but I'd highly recommend visiting their stomping grounds if you are up for an outside-the-city adventure. Bellaire is a cute little town with lots of character, and it makes a great summer destination any night of the week.

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