Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Take a minute to enjoy the winter winds.

Knock knock. Whose there? Winter.

In case you were still in denial/living under a rock/still holding on to the hope that there will be a beach day sometime soon...I have an awakening for you: Winter is no longer headed our way. Winter is here and it is not going anywhere.

So enjoy it. Breathe it in. Break out those scarves and long winter coats. Throw on some warm gloves and fashionable-yet-functional hats. Drag your skis and snow shoes out of storage.

We live in Traverse City. We are building relationships and raising families in a place where you can drive twenty minutes and arrive at a ski resort. Our streets are decked out with lighted trees and gorgeous store fronts.

I've almost lived here for a year now. I've experienced actual seasons (no offense, Florida...but you only have one season: summer.all.year.round). I've survived a busy season in the event planning world. So, now here I am: almost a year of Traverse City living later -- and I plan on enjoying every second of this winter.

So do yourself a favor. Take a minute to walk outside and look around. Take a deep breath or two and be grateful for everything that is surrounding you. If you're like me, you'll probably stand there and think to yourself, "Wow. How could anyone not want to live here?"

Maybe you won't have that same feeling of happiness when you embrace your surroundings, but at least you'll enjoy a breath of fresh air. What I'm really getting at is that the seasons are changing, the holiday season is upon us, and sometimes everyone needs a second to sit back and enjoy the things that they have.

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