Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Thin Ice...Literally.

Before I update you on my current, sunny, busy Traverse City summer, I should bring you back to the chillier months of winter and let you in on a little secret:

The hardest part about moving to the North is not having to get used to thicker socks, it's not having to adjust to a post-college life or even leaving behind all of your friends and's driving in the snow.

I will be the first to admit that I'm not the best driver. While I am a safe driver, I tend to be impatient and may have a slight case of road rage when the individual in front of me forgoes using his or her blinker. However, driving in snow...and having to learn to do so at the age of terrifying. In fact, my first attempt resulted in me drifting into an intersection and stopping traffic because the term "pump your brakes" was not yet a part of my vocabulary.

Nonetheless, I survived and became a much more cautious and patient driver in the process (which is extremely convenient since I have come to realize that there is a 90% chance that driving down Front Street during the National Cherry Festival will take me at least 20 minutes instead of the usual 3).

Which leads me to the point of this blog post: Acclimating to a new life in a brand new town/state/etc. is a process. At first, you feel completely out of your element. After a couple weeks, you understand the best way to scrape the ice off of your windshield and you feel a little better. True, there are bound to be roadblocks (that lovely 48 hour snowstorm, for example. I have never been so thankful for candlelight and dry cereal before), but once you get through them, you're right back on the path you were taking in the first place.
This is the snowstorm I'm referring to...Ick.
I'm not trying to say that I'm completely settled and consider myself to be a "local," but I'm well on my way. Now that it's summer and I'm back in my short-sleeved shirt element, I feel a little more like myself. Having the chance to attend so many events and networking opportunities (In fact, I'll be attending the Young Professionals Social Event at the National Cherry Festival Beer and Wine Garden tonight if you want to stop by and say hello!) makes me positive that this amazing, thriving city is where I'm meant to be.

Just like turning on your car in winter and letting it run for a minute to help defrost your windows, it takes a while to warm up to things. I'm getting there...and I'm going to show snow-driving whose boss this upcoming winter.

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